Our Story

Tech wizardry for the masses.

We specialize in software solutions for your business. Fully transparent, thoroughly responsive, every time.

Who We Are

We need to be upfront with you. We do not have a cool story. Our CEO did not bump into our Head of Marketing at a mini-golf tournament. Our back-end developers did not appear in the college musical. The truth is, we're a bunch of cool people who came together to get software done. Now we get your software done.

From our beginnings in 2008 as a small team in Australia, Synic Software has grown to one of North America's largest tech start-ups. Our hub in downtown Vancouver houses some of the best minds in the industry. We cater to diverse industries from finance to real estate, e-commerce to health, transportation and retail. We're not about segregated features. Full integration for user friendly technology and engagement immediacy is our jam.

Just call us your software darling.

Core Values

Our core values are non-negotiables during development, with deliverables driven by integrity and intentionality. From needing apps created to custom design, when you work with Synic, this is what you can expect. UX development that is all class, no fuss.


Producing anything less than stellar, stress-tested software is just not our thing. We custom develop software that is designed to leverage your brand's best assets, rendering it central to demand.


Synic uses the Agile development framework with a scrum team to innovate our UI design. We deliver intentional results within directive and deadline to light up your demographic.


We don't meet with you to pitch and then disappear into your inbox… unless that's what you want. Our team works with yours at every step. Full transparency, good communication and no silly questions.


The life cycle of a project occurs in several stages to ensure your satisfaction with form, usability and efficacy. From creative design to innovative custom software, we're at the forefront of manifesting tomorrow's genius, today.


Our team are career professionals who value growth and community. Hiring individuals who are
innovators in their field means collaborative enrichment for exceptional results. An emphasis on
passion means excellence. And makes our workdays a dream.


Charles Tong
Managing Director
Bianca Kenna
Product Manager
Cynthia Cheng
Project Manager
Aung Tun
Team Lead
Fiona Cheng
Lead Designer
Snow Yu
Marketing Director
Hannah Choi
HR Manager

Development Team

Jin Yoo
Senior Developer
Mark Kim
Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer
John Chia
Full Stack Developer
Byul Kim
Full Stack Developer
Aaron McCarthy
Full Stack Developer
Sho Okawa
Full Stack Developer
Yoshi Sashiyama
Full Stack Developer
Miguel Marasigan
Full Stack Developer
Joe Wang
Full Stack Developer
Yang Han
Full Stack Developer
Danny Yin
Unity (Game) Developer
Ankit Garg
Software Tester

Business Development & Sales

Matthew Yung
Business Development Manager
Shreyans Gupta
Sales Manager
Queenie Leung
Sales Manager
Rozhin Kardan
Sales Manager (East Coast)
Lily T
Sales Manager (East Coast)
Sales Associate
Ashkan Loghmani
Sales Associate
Kevan Banh
Sales Associate
Henry Gu
Sales Associate
Sales Associate
Joyce Hong
Sales Associate
Sam Haung
Sales Associate
Subhan Amin
Sales Associate
Diyante Okafor
Sales Associate
Freda Reyes
Sales Associate

Small Projects Team

Rebecca Chan
Project Manager
Star Li
Project Manager
Queenie Lin
Customer Service
Abby Lo
Customer Service
Monica Wu Zheng
Customer Service

Marketing & Design Team

Snow Yu
Marketing Director
Cassie Nguyen
Marketing Director
Tracy Cheung
UI/UX Designer
Connie Lu
UI/UX Designer
Julia Fransece
UX/UI Designer
Hosna Kalantar
UI/UX Designer
Anita Lam
UI/UX Designer
Bill Oh
3D Designer


The oceanic, universal ruler

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Synic provided us with incremental updates and was able to deliver what we wanted.



We have Synic manage all our sites, they have given me a peace of mind.

What sets Synic apart is their strong understanding of the financial markets.