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In your industry, administration, scope and funding can all be barriers to fighting the good fight. Efficiency, equality of access and personalization are infinitely desirable in a classroom, be it in-person or online. 


We stand against exclusivity in tech. We believe all people should have equal access, much like education. If we’re strategizing for you, it’s with transparency, and within your budget. Technology and custom software have unlimited potential to transform the way we learn, and the way we teach. 


Here’s how we want to help. 

Industry Segments

  • E-Learning Systems
  • Online Assessments
  • Performance Insights
  • VR and AR Learning
  • AI Education Assistants
  • Learning and Course Management
  • Admissions Management
  • Student web and mobile apps
  • Planning Software
  • Administration 
  • Progress Trackers
  • Tutorial Simulators

Your Challenges

Students don’t receive personalized education, meaning the opportunity to capitalize on their strengths and rally their weaknesses is frequently lost. Teachers spend a lot of time on admin, grading, preparing and communicating outside of the classroom. Technological understanding and integration is now demanded, but there aren’t enough resources or time.

Our Solution

We can custom-develop streamlined, usable apps for students and teachers alike. Administration is largely automated, giving instructors the time they need for their students and their own self-care. Universal access can be provided through online learning, AI-driven subtitles, transcripts and tutorials for parents. AR and VR can be incorporated, hassle-free.

Featured Success Story