Real Estate

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As a result of the global health crisis, remote work accelerated and demand changed. Mass exodus from booming cities, plummeting rental prices and the inability of tenants to make rent were all knock-on effects. Office culture may never be the same, as many companies elect not to return to paying the overhead. Proptech, too, has seen a shift; solutions now target cost-cutting and streamlining of operations, rather than plain innovation.

With client behavior shifts, the greatest returns to be had in Proptech will be solutions that strategize for development and investment. It’s all about a targeted approach to elevate prospects and growth. 

Industry Segments

  • AR and VR real estate viewing
  • Digital Real Estate Agents
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Condos and Associations
  • Rentals and Tenancy
  • Property Management
  • Custom Web and Mobile Apps 
  • Automated Operations
  • Maintenance and Inspection
  • Accounting and Finance

Your Challenges

Uncertainty is huge. Non-traditional competition has a big seat at the table. Customer expectation is at an all-time high; they demand exceptional usability, transparency and access, otherwise they move on. Complex activity management can let engagement fall through the cracks. Crumbling infrastructure can pose tough challenges for selling properties in less desirable areas.

Our Solution

Custom-designed apps give prospects their most engaging real estate experience yet. Personalized recommendations and AR and VR property viewing means tangible retention. Predictive analytics liberate you to focus your business strategy where it’s most likely to thrive. We combine internal data with non-traditional external data, highlighting trends and areas of opportunity.

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