Competitive by design, competitive by nature. The sports industry is rapidly expanding, with huge investments and flashy enterprises disrupting the marketplace. This, plus low retention or satisfaction rates, can be very distracting. 


But excellence in the sporting field is synonymous with focus. That’s where we want to help. By revolutionizing processes that take time and attention away from the good stuff. 

Industry Segments

  • AI Tools and Data Analytics
  • AR and VR Fan Experiences
  • IoT in Athlete Wearables
  • Sleep Management
  • Membership & Loyalty
  • Online Engagement
  • Custom Mobile and Web Apps
  • Booking and Reservation Software
  • Automated Inventory 
  • Personal Training
  • Team Management
  • Travel & Logistics

Your Challenges

Whether you’re a professional league team owner or a personal trainer, competition is gnarly. There are bigger bucks out there, high rates of customer churn and increasingly, athlete churn. Millennials in particular shy away from in-person events. Gameday experiences at home and on-site need to be more and more enthralling.

Our Solution

For those with apps in place, we can provide specialized experiences with AR and VR. Telling stories that entice fans to get involved in a tangible way. Athletes can benefit from real-time analytics and wearables for key insights on performance. Customized training programs can be built for athletes and clients alike, using biodata, training history and goals, with AI tech.

Other Industries

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Fully integrated POS, metrics and client feedback. Ritzy tech that doesn't get your goat, just your sales.

Beauty & Wellness

The VIP Treatment. Contactless booking and payment, visual service history and a seamless interface.