Travel & Transportation

Many don’t realize that without the circulatory system of transportation services, nothing would run smoothly. You’re a vital service that is responsible for moving efficiently and delivering a seamless customer experience. 


That said, despite superhuman demands, your company is still made up of people, with management challenges, tough customers, and understandable mistakes. This is where tech can really revolutionize your operations. If you’re looking for efficiency or growth, you’ve come to the right place. 

Industry Segments

  • Air & Marine Freights
  • Tourism
  • Trucking & Fleet Management
  • Railroads 
  • Airlines & Airport Services
  • Marine Travel
  • Highways & Infrastructure
  • Operations & Logistics
  • Rideshare Services
  • Chauffeur & Driver Services
  • Couriers and Messengers
  • Ports and Harbours

Your Challenges

Cybersecurity is a very real threat. Only 43% of shipping companies have a Chief Information Security Officer in place. This is naive when considering incidents like Maersk’s, which cost that company $310 million. Customer expectation and churn are high. Rapidly evolving technologies are haphazardly integrated, or not at all, resulting in higher expenditure while still being left behind.

Our Solution

We build customized web and mobile apps with seamless usability and design to make things easy for your client base and employees. Pro-active cybersecurity and monitoring will underwrite your assets, preparing your business for 21st century realities. We can integrate IoT and AI technology to streamline your operations, predict maintenance and cost-saving strategies.

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