Case Study

Hevvy Pump // Toyo Pumps

The evolution of Toyo Pumps N.A.

An automated quotation system

About the Client

A foremost industrial pump manufacturer operating across North America.

6 months+
Hevvy Pumps
1 Senior Developer

Industrial solutions for big-picture schemes


Industrial pump specialists

Technology Used

  • HTML5, CSS3
  • ASP.Net
  • MS SQL
  • MVC
  • Javascript


For over 40 years, Hevvy Pumps (formerly Toyo Pumps North America Corp) has been designing and delivering exceptional quality pumps for industrial purposes. Their Research & Development team seeks to integrate the latest technology and evolve on an ongoing basis.

Our collaboration with Hevvy Pumps was originally focussed on bug resolution and a custom quotation system. However, this expanded to encompass upgrading their website and its functionality; this is still ongoing.

Hevvy Pumps Sumamry


Hevvy Pump had used US-based developers for some time, but were dissatisfied with their experience, due to poor communication and service. They hired an internal Head of IT, however that person has been engaged with day-to-day operations, and unable to take on further projects. While they were wanting to provide an automated way of engaging with prospects, progress was made in fits and starts, using interns or those in the company who knew a bit about coding.


Many of the collaborators from within the business were not as technologically inclined. It was a core part of the process to make our work comprehensive and accessible so that this would not be a barrier.


Hevvy Pump found us online, and following a brief chat, we demonstrated our transparency by helping resolve some bugs immediately. A tentative partnership led to expanding responsibility. We’ve been excited to develop an automated quotation system they had wanted to provide to distributors. Following this work, we began upgrading the website; resolving bugs, making system flow more comprehensive and refining the design.

Hevvy Pumps Solution


The website design is now classy, professional and authoritative. It speaks to a company that is a leader in its field, with the gravitas of decades of experience behind it. Easy to navigate, it’s contemporary, clear and informative.


The comprehensive quote system is an on-the-go solution for busy distributors. These distributors can now make pump selection searches and place an order. Plus on the admin side, the system automates tracking which distributor made the sale. Commission can then be given accordingly. The website works smoothly and intuitively, and ongoing maintenance is being performed.