Case Study

NeuroCatch Platform

A simple, objective way to measure brain function.

Medical Device

About the Client

NeuroCatch is designed for health practitioners to measure cognitive function

3 months
NeuroCatch Inc.
3 Developers

Health Canada Approved Class II Medical Device

Objective Cognitive Evaluation

Technology Used

  • WPF
  • AWS Cryptography


The NeuroCatch Platform, researched and developed by an expert team, objectively measures brain function. This can be used by healthcare professionals as a fully automated assessment tool to evaluate auditory sensation, basic attention and cognitive processing, in the span of six minutes. It has been and continues to be used in a variety of clinical studies.

After connecting through Clutch, we were engaged by NeuroCatch’s team to mentor developers in the language used to program the device - WPF. They’ve subsequently increased our team size in order to heavy-lift and move NeuroCatch closer to full launch.

NeuroCatch Summary


As an older technology, WPF can be challenging. There are few people who have expertise working with the language. However, when seeking certification for a medical device that requires coding, WPF facilitates the most straightforward process. Health Canada’s technologies do not favor cloud-use. NeuroCatch’s lead developer was not familiar with the language; as such, progress was incremental.


We are providing ongoing support through mentorship, training and implementation. Our team supplied in-house developers who were equipped to work with WPF, in order to expedite the development and resulting launch of NeuroCatch.

NeuroCatch Solution


As so much code was already in place, it required extensive annotation and learning in order to then build upon the foundation.