Case Study

Owner Builder Trades

A fully integrated system for owner-builders everywhere

From progress tracking to contact management, accounting software to expert tips

About the Client

Your one-stop management system for owner-builders.

4 months+
Owner Builder Trades
1 Team Lead, 2 Developers

Independently manage investment properties


Streamlined features

Technology Used

  • React.js
  • SP NET Core 5 for a RESTFUL API
  • EF Core (object-relational mapper)
  • MS SQL Database


Owner Builder Trades is a fully integrated system for owner-builders everywhere. With streamlined features, it equips laymen and self-starters with tools to independently manage investment properties. Conceptualized by those with first-hand experience, the web app handles everything from progress tracking to contact management, accounting software to expert tips. Synic was engaged by the company to develop this software.

Owner Builder Trades summary


While the concept and early technology was implemented by the company, it was outdated in design and resistant to upgrade. Poor functionality undermined the high concept and impeded engagement. Development was slow and the framework had technological constraints.


We’ve created a smooth, SPA front end with a robust RESTful API backend. SPAs allow for the best user experience, and our chosen framework makes it very responsive and adaptable.


Some of our source material for the design was from the older software. Our iterative approach was needed to align the client’s vision with our eventual product. It needed to be user-friendly and industry appropriate. Design meetings with the client during development enabled early response and adoption of the design without adjusting the project timeline.

Owner Builder Trades our solution


We used a modern approach, focussing on usability and adaptability. Upgrading this aspect was key in bringing contemporary relevance to the software.


Our resulting software contains a number of instrumental features for owner-builder management in one sleek system. A professional service directory solves the hassle of vetting architects and tradespeople, then coordinates comms through a companion contact manager. The accounting tool allows for bookkeeping, tracking expenses for a complete project overview.

We will continue to refine the software subsequent to user feedback; expand service for the product to include more geographical areas and add payment systems to turn the software system into SaaS. Another exciting development will be built-in contract templates for owner-builders to use with program partners.