Case Study

So Fresh Veggie

Produce Distribution

Produce Distribution

About the Client

So Fresh Veggie is a quality produce distributor for restaurants, stores and individuals.

4 months
So Fresh Veggie
1 Team lead, 2 Developers

Inventory tracker and order tracking system

Software to be used by multiple companies

Technology Used

  • ASP.NET Core
  • MVC Core
  • EF Core
  • MS SQL Server
  • React Native


So Fresh Veggie is a prominent produce distributor in Hong Kong. They source quality produce they then sell to stores and restaurants. Synic was engaged to help develop a comprehensive inventory tracker and order tracking system for them.


In the context of an industry centered on logistics, technological prowess is not the first priority. So Fresh Veggie recognized the competitive edge efficient software could give them. It could expedite operations and engage their customers in a new way, a different way.


The design direction took some time to clarify with the client. Feedback delays meant shortened turnaround time between each deadline. With our Agile approach, we were able to metabolize these obstacles and refine the design as necessary.


We were inspired by the market leaders’ slick, metropolitan feel. We angled for the same aesthetic, while giving it our own spin.


We designed and developed a website with a multitude of features to the above objective, as well as a customer facing app. A contemporary design and intuitive user interface were key.

Web Features

  • User management
  • Order Flow & Management: Request → Processing → Packing → Transport & Delivery
  • Statements & Invoices
  • Automated Payment & Expense Tracking
  • Financial Analytics & Insights
  • Driver & Delivery Route Management

App Features

  • Delivery Request System
  • Favorited Products/Items
  • Order History
  • SMS code Sign-In


As we enter maintenance, we will continue to refine the web and app features. We will also expand the software to be used by multiple companies. Each new development will be custom tailored for the client, with subsequent improvements integrated into the primary software. Over time, this will allow for an increasing return on investment


“Synic developed a high functioning app and website with a design and interface you don’t often see in our industry. We feel it gives us a competitive advantage in a sector not often known for its technological prestige.” - Managing Director of So Fresh Veggie