Case Study

Sustainable Life App

Makes conscientious living accessible to all


Duration: 4 months+


1 x Team Lead,

2 x Developers,

1 x UX/UI Designer,

1 x Marketing Lead


  • ASP.NET Core
  • C#
  • AngularJS
  • Microsoft SQL
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript


heymate! is a customer experience revolution. A game-changing app for consumers, partnered with a one-stop operations system for business owners. Real rewards with no-catch 0.5% cashback, and organically driven traffic to businesses. Less divide, more conquer.


Synic was engaged to develop the entire project from scratch. This included creating the software, liaising with third parties and designing and testing both interfaces.


Duration: 24 months+


1 Team Lead,

1 Senior Developer


  • HTML5, CSS3
  • C#
  • Entity Framework
  • Ionic Framework
  • Angular


At Synic, we take particular pride in working with partners that pursue a higher purpose. Sustainable Life App was one such business. The founder’s vision is for sustainable consumption to be the status quo in everyday life. We developed custom software that could be easily adopted on a mass scale.

In order to maintain integrity in partnerships, businesses who apply for listing on the app are assessed with factors of eligibility. These were determined collaboratively and include: impact on human health; environmental impact; respect for human rights; respect for animal rights, and socio-economic advantage.

  • Amplifying the growing voice of conscientious consumption
  • Seamless functionality to support a full sleep experience


While calls for ethical and sustainable business are louder than ever, shopping sustainably can be expensive, exclusive and sporadic. It can seem like these businesses are the minority, rather than the majority. In turn, these businesses may struggle to focus on growth, as ethical and conscientious choices take more time and are more expensive. Meaning that consumers may not even know they’re there.


The greatest limitation we faced was maximizing our output while working within a lower budget. This was a particular challenge as the client wanted not just a custom app but a custom website as well. In order for us to maintain the integrity of the budget, we needed to work closely and collaboratively on a series of solutions that would have the least impact on the final product.


The objective of our commission was to develop an online platform as an immediate resource for sustainable choices. Ease of access and information are paramount for conscientious consumption to tick over into the mainstream. The app we made would allow users to search and find sustainable living options. We were delighted to have the opportunity to make our own contribution to M’s greater concept.


One of these solutions included purchasing design elements for the website from Themeforest. This enabled us a head start on customization, and greatly reduced the overall cost of the project, which was appreciated by the client. Adjustments to the base theme were made with respect to the client’s brand ideology. The client opted for a signature blue color to evoke serenity and peace.


For the web interface, we placed particular emphasis on productivity, introducing features that allowed our client to optimize business operations.

We built a custom Content Management System, allowing administrators to manage content within the website. Most of the content shown on the website is managed in-house by the client.


When business applications are submitted, the client receives a notification to review the application. Upon approval, the brand can be listed either manually or through a single button click-through which custom maps, pulling data from the application and the brand. These custom maps are also able to be configured by the business admin.


We chose to use Ionic Framework for app development, as we were able to work with one single code base for both iOS and Android. The app needed to be serviceable to both sustainable business owners and customers who are eager to make conscientious consumption choices. Consumers are able to find listings nearby through a map-based search page.


“I love the team and if something didn’t look quite right they always made changes. They also treated the platform with as much respect as I do.” – CEO of Sustainable Life App