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Future Realities

Augmented Reality

With an ongoing CAGR of 35%, the popularity of AR is rising at a rapid rate. Not only is this a trend, it's a glimpse at what the new standard of customer experience will be in the near future. Our software company can ideate, design and build an AR experience for your brand voice and demographic. When it comes to your prospects, you really want to catch ‘em all. No pun intended.

Virtual Reality

Consumer expectations are higher than ever before. You've heard a lot about creating an emotional bond with your brand. Story-telling and immersive experience are the new frontier. It's a visceral way of engaging, enveloping clients in an entire world. Whether it's a brand-specific pop-up project or a game you want to build from scratch, our team are motivated and equipped to help bring your vision to a wide audience.

Artificial Intelligence

According to prominent computer scientist Andrew Ng, it's going to be hard to find an industry that isn't transformed by AI in the near future. Indeed, 25% of companies already have AI integrated, with widespread adoption. Greatest progress has been in customer interaction, human resources and sales platforms. Think analytics, chatbots, smart-predictions, demographic and financial insights. The scope of process that will be automated using this science is tremendous. Synic can work with you to design a solution today, elevating your business for years to come.

Native Apps

For optimum functionality with customized features, Synic’s native apps serve up a seamless customer experience.


Apple's operating system is closed-source, meaning they've created a loop between their hardware and software. A native app for iOS is built exclusively using Objective C or Swift. Our software development team in Vancouver are well-versed in these languages, creating specialized, high-functioning apps for iOS devices.


If you want to tap into Android's 71% market share with an app built for their open source software, you've come to the right place. Working with Java, we'll integrate only the features you need to maximize your customer experience, making navigation and API functionality a breeze.

Hybrid Apps

The perfect marriage of a native and web app, hybrid apps function flexibly on different operating systems.

The pros and cons of a hybrid vs. native app vary, and we’ll give you our best suggestion based on your needs. Our focus in development is on optimum responsiveness, to minimize glitches or view problems that may arise.

WeChat Mini Program

The world’s favorite SuperApp has mini apps.
One of the cool integrations in WeChat is the introduction of mini apps. If you’re on the platform, you can now access your other favorite apps from within it. These programs are different from regular apps you have on your phone. They’re specially developed for that purpose. We can specially develop one for you or your business.

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