Whether you’re just starting out or ready to take your business to the next level. We’re your partner in unlocking funding opportunities from financial institutions, making it simpler and more favorable for you to grow your business.

How Can We Help? ​

Feeling lost in a sea of business loan choices?

Let us help you navigate with ease! We understand how confusing it can be, especially for small and new businesses.

That’s why our SME Financing Program is here – to make it simple. We’ll guide you through finding the perfect loan and handling all the paperwork for bank approval, so you can concentrate on what really counts – building your business

Financing Difficulties

New Businesses

• Considered high-risk by banks
• Difficulty finding eligible loans
• Unfavorable interest rates and terms
• Little to no credit history

Existing Businesses

• Time-consuming research for suitable loans
• Outdated business plan and incohesive financial projections.
• Inconsistent cash flow

Our Solutions

We act as the liaison between your business and banks

Research and provide recommendations on the benefits and drawbacks of each loan program.

Prepare compelling business plans and financial forecasts to enhance approval odds.

Pre-screen and estimate with banks to pinpoint your best loan choices


New Businesses

• Already incorporated or
• incorporating within 3 months
• Business owner/s have experience in the domain
• Minimum credit score 625

Existing Businesses

• Operating for 3 or more years
• Have corporate tax reported
• Have clear loan usage plans
• Minimum credit score 625
• Positive cash flow is a plus


For all individuals or businesses referred to or connected by a business entity or individual purporting to represent Synic Software who are uncertain about any aspect of the program, we kindly request that you contact us directly at [email protected] for comprehensive clarification.

Fund your business and realize your growth plan

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